Welcome to The Ervin Academy website!

We are a non-profit four year boarding school dedicated and committed to supporting and guiding young men of high potential who are committed to changing their lives and futures.  Our young men have been labeled "at risk" by their past actions and the circumstances of life.  We do not believe that their current status and past is their destiny.   We are committed to your son and to your family; this is a partnership.  Your loved one will receive the very best from the program, the faculty, the staff and the mentors.

Our mission is to to provide programs and services that are academically rigorous, character and socially developmental to ensure an increase in the number of male high school graduates.  Each student will be equipped with the skills necessary to have an opportunity to pursue a college education, post secondary education/training, to become a entrepreneur, to enter the work force with the technical and soft-skills necessary to be competitive in today’s job and business market.

 If your child or family member is committed to starting over, to being supported and guided in a structured, high achieving, focused, unique and supportive atmosphere then  The Ervin Academy is the right choice.  Our institution will open its doors August 2016.

A message from our Founder,

"We are living during a time wherein the 21st century has revealed alarming high school "drop out" and incarceration rates for high school males. Specifically, in the state of Georgia the statistics are appalling. In Georgia 42.9% of males between the ages of 14 years to 19 years of age drop out of high school... read more


Our school year will begin August 2016.... read more
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Employment application process will begin June 8, 2016.... read more