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The Ervin Academy mission is to provide programs and services that are academically rigorous, in character and socially developmental to ensure an increase in the number of male high school graduates.  Our goal is to create a learning environment with excellent leaders, teachers, and staff members to assist our students in reaching their full potential.  We will apply the latest technologies and practices, and innovative learning environments that know no geographic, racial or economic boundaries.

Interview Process


Review Applications and Prescreen Candidates

As a large company, we receive a high volume of good candidates for our vacant positions. For some of those positions, we have prescreening steps in place that may include a phone interview or an assessment. Our first step is for our team members to review the qualified applications we've received. We're searching for the ideal combination of experience and education applicable to the position.

Interview Candidates

After choosing the most qualified candidates, we will set up interviews. This step, involves you interviewing use, as well as, The Ervin Academy reviewing how well you will fit into our culture and goals.

Extending an Offer

If selected, our team member will extend an offer, he/she will discuss a starting salary with Human Resources, obtain all necessary approvals for your hire, and then send you a job offer package.
In addition, The Ervin Academy will conduct an extensive background investigation, which includes a criminal background check, verification of education and previous employment, and a pre-employment drug screen.


Job Listings


Date Posted
June 08, 2016 Teacher
June 08, 2016 Cook
June 08, 2016 Graduation Coach
June 08, 2016 Janitor
June 08, 2016 Security Guard
June 08, 2016 Residential Assistant
June 08, 2016 Etiquette Instructor
June 08, 2016 Street Law Instructor
June 08, 2016 Policy and Community Engagement Intern
June 08, 2016 Training and Development Intern

The employment application process will commence June 8, 2016

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