Our Programs

Education Program

Offers high school and GED diplomas.  In addition, we offer various electives and training programs.

Athletic Program

Is comprised of our “Fighting Lions” football and basketball teams.  Our students will participate in a competitive and challenging schedule which will allow them to compete against public and private high school teams.

Employment Preparation

Provides our students with high school internships, effective interviewing skills, resume writing techniques, assistance in securing full-time employment upon graduation and effective internet employment sourcing methods. 

Mentoring Program

Upon enrollment, external mentors will be assigned to each student.  External mentors will provide long term, sustained emotional support to each student.  Upon acquiring positive leadership skills, selected students will become “internal” mentors to new students and serve as role models for success of the program.
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Entrepreneurship Program

* A graduation requirement.  Includes partnerships with successful business owners and members of the Small Business Association to train students in the successful development of business plans, understanding and developing strong marketing concepts and a sound financial strategy for success.

Community Service Program

Affords each student with the opportunity to “give back” to the community by mentoring students, participating in public speaking events and various other volunteer activities.

Leadership Program

The Ervin Academy leadership programs will ensure that our students break destructive behavior patterns, develop greater self-worth, and to reconnect with their inner strength and resources.  There are trust-building activities that develop our student’s communication and problem-solving skills.  The students will: learn personal problem solving techniques, develop individual course goals, learn to work with others, receive guided communication coaching with peers and adults, learn to interact within a small group, grow from staff direction to group direction, new skills to resolve old and current problems, push past self-imposed limits and gain greater understanding of group interdependence and support.

Adventure Program

Therapeutic.  Our Adventure program teaches our students powerful tools which enable them to make healthy choices that will equip them to progress in new and sustainable long-term future directions.  The quality clinical treatment includes but is not limited to a comprehensive evaluation process, individual sessions with a licensed therapist, group therapy and substance abuse education.  The students will explore their personal challenges and concerns within a group setting while developing their outdoor skills.  The program also assists our students in breaking destructive behavior patterns and in increasing self-esteem.

Student Support Program

Our students are supported by intensive volunteer support, peer and group mediation training, in-depth drug and therapeutic counseling services and various student clubs.

Family Support Program

Families receive the critical support, guidance and coaching needed to best support their son while at the Academy and to ensure his success post graduation.